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SpiderTech is a line of pre-engineered tape-based therapeutic supports developed to facilitate a functional medicine approach to pain modulation and myofascial dysfunction. Our re-invention of Kinesiology Tape methodologies, in the form of “pre-cut” applications, are designed for clinical use providing a standardization of Kinesiology tape treatment in a manner that increases treatment throughput.

SpiderTech "Ready to Apply" applications meet the needs of today’s rehabilitative and performance enhancing professionals by providing a coupled, synergistic influence on pain reduction, injury prevention and performance enhancement called 3P.

one Pain reduction via neural mechanisms which result in the restoration of normal position sense and muscle activation patterns.
two Prevention through re-establishing functional joint stability, enhancing the necessary natural healing mechanisms and through smooth controlled limitation of potentially harmful ranges of motion.
three Performance enhancement indirectly through decreased repetitive strain trauma, decreased onset of muscular fatigue and the reduced occurrence of muscle cramping.
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